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August 2016

Just Playlists 5.3.6—Bringing Back Version 5 for Android 5+

Work on version 6 of Just Playlists is going slowly, and I’m getting requests from folks for a version of JP that runs under versions 5+ of Android. I’m re-publishing version 5.3.5 of Just Playlists as version 5.3.6 for devices running Android 5+. It should work fairly well, but note that you may see display issues and playback quirks. These will be fixed in version 6 of JP.

Thanks for your patience as I continue work on JP!

Just Playlists 5.3.5—Last in the 5.x.x Version Tree, Version 6.x.x in the Works

I’ve frozen the code for Just Playlists 5.x.x at 5.3.5. This version will run on Android devices using up to version 4.4.4 of Android. It won’t be offered for Android 5.x/Lollipop or beyond. I started updating the current code base for Lollipop but decided that my code is too old and needs to be completely overhauled to be fully supported under the latest version of Android.

Just Playlists Back on Google Play With Same Package Name, Hoping For The Best

I’ve been doing more on-line research regarding Google’s warning to me about being in violation of policies for apps on Google Play. Some information I found makes me think that the problem may have been the album artwork I was using as part of my app listing and which I replaced. I’ve found many apps that use the term “android” in their package name. I’ve decided to re-publish JP and JPP with the same package name and hope that I am now in compliance with Google’s policies and that using “android” in the package name is not a problem.