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Just Playlists 5.3.5—Last in the 5.x.x Version Tree, Version 6.x.x in the Works

I’ve frozen the code for Just Playlists 5.x.x at 5.3.5. This version will run on Android devices using up to version 4.4.4 of Android. It won’t be offered for Android 5.x/Lollipop or beyond. I started updating the current code base for Lollipop but decided that my code is too old and needs to be completely overhauled to be fully supported under the latest version of Android.

I’m starting work on version 6.x.x of Just Playlists, which will run under Android 5.x and beyond. It will be quite some time before I publish it, since I’m doing a lot of learning in the process. The initial version of JP was written many years ago and many things need to be updated, including my knowledge!